Better Tools = Bigger Harvests.

FARMWAVE is an app connecting people in agriculture with their farm, technology, and each other. Identify, diagnose, and treat pests and diseases as soon as you see them to reduce crop destruction and increase yields by 20-30%.

Farmwave transforms the world’s agricultural information into AI data models that power decision-making and preserve the future of farming.

View reports by list or location on a map.
Easily sort through reports by activating map locations.
Weather is automatically recorded when report is filed.
Run diagnostics on images – scan for disease or perform a yield estimate.
Add notes at any time.
Easily communicate and share reports with team members.
Full search capabilities with filters.
Start a new report any time.

AI Tools

Identify plant pathogens and estimate yields.

Built-in AI Apps Deliver Results

–  Kernel Counting
–  Pathogen-caused infection
–  Pest-caused damage
–  Non-destructive Sampling

Field Reporting

Collect and organize crop data with ease.

Better Reporting

Agronomists, farmers, crop scientists, and seed companies can use one platform to gather photos, notes, diagnoses, and counts. Entries are geo-tagged and weather data recorded.

Smart Analytics

Capture environmental data for better decision making.

Real-Time Crop Performance

Know what is happening in the field as field reports are collected. Location, time, date, and local weather are connected to every field report.


Next Level Farming with AI and Machine Learning

FARMWAVE’s AI + machine learning capabilities can identify a plant, pest damage, and any diseases using a photo from your smartphone.

  • Identify the crop or plant
  • Diagnose the pathogen, pest, or weed 
  • Treat your crop or plant with the recommended input 


Field Reports Simplified

Easily track pests and diseases and keep others in the loop. Find report sites, keep updated on weather events, and browse your history of reports using FARMWAVE’S mapping function. 


Automated Kernel Counts

Yield quantification is now as easy as point and shoot using your device’s camera. Get an accurate count of the total number of kernels on an ear of corn – all with the touch of a button.


FARMWAVE is in beta as we refine functionality, add features, and increase range.

Available Features

  • Create unlimited field reports

  • Add photos and notes

  • Diagnose corn diseases

  • Automated kernel counting

  • Automatic GPS tagging

  • Auto reporting of temperature, humidity, and precipitation

  • Sharing reports

Features Coming Soon

  • Wheat, soy, cotton & more

  • Community platforms

  • Direct messaging

  • Web interface & dashboard

  • Tag generation

  • Predictive modelling

  • Drone compatibility

  • FMS, machinery & sensor input

“Precision agriculture in the field will yield a better experience not only for the farmer but for the consumer as well.”

Olivia RuchDirector, Passion Cereales - Paris, France

“Farmwave will be changing the way people estimate corn yield at the field-scale.”

Dr. Ignacio CiampittiCrop production and cropping systems specialist at Kansas State University

“Farmwave could quite possibly pave the way for an industry standard across the board as it pertains to tracking food production, collecting and analyzing data, and collaborating information. I’m excited to see what will come of this technology under Craig Ganssle’s direction; a true visionary.”

Jack BoboU.S. State Department, Senior Advisor, Global Food Policy

“Incredible technology! This will be technology we take into serious consideration here in France as we look to the future of farming and empowering our growers”

Emmanuel MacronPresident of France