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Our AI solutions reduce harvest loss by 3-8+ bushels per acre*

Farmwave's vision artificial intelligence software monitors harvest loss autonomously without stopping, showing you where it’s coming from on the machine.

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Using data to change the way we farm and reduce crop waste.

3 cameras & monitor
Online or Offline

Online or Offline

Works offline and at the edge with auto-upload of data once connected.

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data

Taking a picture every 3 seconds means a lot of ground-truth data. We got you covered.



Farmwave will work with any make and model combine. It is self sustaining and completely independent.

Data Export

Data Export

Export Farmwave data into JSON format to use almost anywhere.

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How much are you losing?

Early adopters of Farmwave saw an average return of $80,000 in additional retained grain during a single harvest season*. Want to know how much value Farmwave can bring your operation? Use the calculator and find out!


Who we have worked with.

The Moonshot Factory
Veggie Prime
USDA - US Department of Agriculture
Google AI
Dijon Cereales
Cotton Incorporated
Case III Agriculture

Find a plan that works for you, or reach out to build your own!

During our early adopter trials in 2020, the average 2,000 acre farm saw a return greater than $75,000 in a single season.*

Single Camera Kit


Best for measuring rear of machine

2-Camera Header Kit


Best for measuring header loss

Full Combine Kit


Best for measuring header and rear loss

Annual Subscription


Unlimited everything. Always. First year included with purchase of a kit.

What our customers say

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“A real-time, accurate assistant, watching what I am doing is huge. I can make adjustments on the fly and I know right away if that was the correct thing to do. In today’s low margin environment, every bushel counts. With Farmwave, I feel more confident knowing that I got every bushel out there.”

Jacob Smoker

Wanatah, IN
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“At harvest, there are two places for loss; threshing and front-end equipment. Threshing loss sensors exist but could use substantial improvement to give insight in various crop conditions. Front-end loss has no loss quantification sensors that I am aware of. A huge opportunity exists in this area.”

Steve Pitstick

Maple Park, IL
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“With the imagery provided by Farmwave, and an outside equipment consultant, we made two major changes to the combine. Adjusting sieve levels, and changing the rotor settings, together helped us to retain more grain.”

Ben Hill

Creston, IL
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“The Farmwave platform allows us to ground truth in-field loss every second with a much higher degree of accuracy than any other system on the market.”

Jason Diekevers

Boyden, IA