FARMWAVE is an app that connects people in agriculture with their farm, technology, and each other.

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Our Goal is Simple: Help Farmers Feed the World

Here's How It Works:

FARMWAVE intelligence + FARMWAVE collaboration

FARMWAVE intelligence: FARMWAVE's AI + machine learning capabilities allows you to identify a plant and any diseases it may have simply by taking a photo.

- Identify the crop or plant
- Diagnose the disease, pathogen, pest, or weed
- Treat your crop or plants, using one of the recommended remedies

We have tens of millions of images, from 20+ years of data and over 35,000 species in our database.

FARMWAVE collaboration:  The FARMWAVE collaboration feed connects you with farmers from around the world based off criteria that's important to YOU.

- Location: our map will display farmers in your area + around the world
- Crop Type: link with people that grow the same crops and plants
- Land Size: get help from those whose acreage is similar to yours

Farmer to farmer, you'll be able to compare notes, chat, send videos, images, and field reports.