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Perform a stand count, (plant count), in real-time while moving through the field with a Farmwave Vision System mounted on a sprayer.


This particular customer used a side-mount sprayer tank system on a John Deere tractor. We mounted a camera system to the side pointing downward with a slight tilt back because of the time to space and distance ration while moving.


Using a slow fusion video codec breakdown, we training various frames within the video to teach itself to identify the plants over other visual classifiers. As you can see on the edge of the tire, the beginning of the video shows pixelation. By the 3 second mark in the video, you can see pixelation dissipates rapidly and by the end of the video is is gone. Time to training - 4 hours.


Plant count can be achieved while moving on sprayers with the right angle, though, processing of the results because of video, especially at the edge, is exceedingly high. Most farmers advised that a count per acre, and perhaps a set number of rows, is adequate for estimating yield. Therefore, we can use the AI model of image creation and classifier identification every 5 seconds as we have with other solutions.