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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Farmbook?

At this time Farmwave's Harvest Vision is not an iPad or similarly based software, so this is where the Farmbook comes in to connect you to the power of AI right in your cab. Our Farmbook is a touchscreen monitor that provides you with real-time harvest loss locations and quantities, customizable loss thresholds, data storage, and more.

What's not included?


Your Farmbook monitor, its CPU box, and your POE switch require standard 120 power to run in the cab. You may need an adapter for this depending on your make and model of combine.

Everyone has the cab of their combine set-up differently. For this reason, we've left it up to you to decide how you want to mount / display your Farmbook in your particular cab set-up.

What crops does it work with?

Visit for the latest updates on available models

Does it advise on recommended combine changes?

Soon. We're currently working with some 30 year veteran combine operators to build out the decision tree which will advise the operator through notification alerts the recommended mechanical changes to make based on where Farmwave sees loss coming from on the machine.

Can you see underneath the mog?

No. It's not x-ray vision. However, we're counting an average of every 3-5 seconds which equals over 140 times per acre making it more accurate than a single hand count.

Can I monitor my operator(s) remotely?

Yes. Current and past sessions can be viewed remotely via your account.

Why the annual subscription?

This maintains the licenses to maintain all the storage and protection of your data in the cloud. Currently, the offering is unlimited everything for the $1,000 annual subscription.

What do you do with my data?

We anonymize and retain copies of each image for training purposes of the AI only. Otherwise we do nothing with your data. You own it. We do not sell it, use it for marketing, or otherwise.

Can I download my data, and in what formats?

Yes. Right now you can download in JSON format which is very commonly accepted in most other software programs. You can also email reports and download to PDF.

Can I get Farmwave for more than one combine?


Can I upgrade a 1 or 2 camera kit later?

Absolutely! If you purchase a header only or combine only kit and decide later you'd like to upgrade to a full combine kit, you'll only pay the difference in price for the upgrade.

Please note prices are always subject to change and the upgrade price will reflect current system prices, not the prices at the time of initial purchase.

Is this real?

Very much so. We understand there's been a lot of over-promise and under-delivering in the agriculture technology market. This makes us as mad as it does you ... which is why we've spent 7 years building a system that works and delivers actual value.

We encourage you to reach out to our advisors, or early adopters, and ask them yourself.

Where can I buy a Farmwave Harvest Vision System?

There are two routes for obtaining a Farmwave Harvest Vision System:

contact us to purchase a system directly

Visit our dealer locator to find a dealer near you. If you have a preferred local dealer who doesn't yet carry Farmwave products, have them reach out to us for dealer information!