As far back as I remember beginning to work in agriculture, there’s been an ongoing conflict between farmers and those that build some kind of SaaS program / platform.

Who owns the data?


Some companies like Farmers Business Network (FBN) take a stand in the market for the farmers.  This becomes part of their marketing strategy and a selling point to farmers.  Others like John Deere make it clear, they don’t care how much you spend on a tractor or otherwise, you’re really buying a service contract for use of the machine.  The data and right to repair belongs to them.

What I think will be pivotal about FARMWAVE is that we don’t need to necessarily take a position on either side, (both of which I feel have their own pros and cons).

FARMWAVE will, to the everyday subscriber, be about their data.  It’s theirs.  Meaning, we’re not selling it, distributing it, or otherwise.

However, those that want a private label version of FARMWAVE, can dictate their own terms with members of that organization.  If you as a farmer so choose to belong, then you understand where some of your data is going. If not, you simply stick to your FARMWAVE organization.

Make sense?

This will allow for greater transparency and clarity on where your data resides.  Thus, allowing you to share when you want, and not when you don’t. This will be attractive with the larger organization business models as well because if they can, with our help, successfully build out a community of people, they’ll accrue the right data they want / need…making FARMWAVE a success on both sides.


Food for thought.

– Craig Ganssle

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