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Header Loss Kit


Monitor harvest loss at the header in real time with this two camera setup.

2 cameras, 1 header disconnect, monitor, and Switch/CPU

What’s in the box?

Two AI Cameras (left header, right header)
Farmbook to view real time losses in the cab
Farmbook power cord
Power-over-ethernet (POE) switch for stable, fast connection
CPU box for local AI processing
POE power cord
Magnetic header disconnect
Header disconnect warning sticker
25' left header cable (Cat6) x 2
25' right header cable (Cat6) x 2
Magnetic GPS Unit w/15 ' USB

What’s in the box

The Intangibles

First year subscription FREE!

Online, phone, and in-field support

Secure & encrypted architecture and storage

UNLIMITED EVERYTHING! No per-acre, per-crop, per-gigabyte charges. One size fits all with our subscription ($1000/yr after your first year^)

^subject to change without notice