How to Reach Us

Click on the chat icon in the lower right corner to reach the FARMWAVE team. We would be happy to help with any concerns or questions you might have.

What is FARMWAVE®?

FARMWAVE is a cloud-based platform with different components designed to support efforts in farming, agronomy, and research. The FARMWAVE app enables you to take a photo of your crop and then analyze it for diseases or pests. Kernel counts can be done in seconds. All data – including images, weather and location notes can be compiled into reports and organized, shared, archived, and discussed.

Why should I use FARMWAVE?

Having FARMWAVE handy as an app on your mobile device allows you to easily gather and organize information about your crops. It equips your team with smart tools to detect diseases and pests early, preventing significant crop loss. You get answers in seconds, not days.

FARMWAVE is creating a digital space where you will be able to communicate, share, and coordinate data from other sources- monitoring  weather, growing degree-days, pest warnings, field sensors, and other Farm Management Systems.

When will FARMWAVE launch?

The beta version of the app launched July 24, 2018 and can be downloaded now in Apple’s App Store and Google Play

How do I use FARMWAVE?

FARMWAVE can be used to enhance your crop reporting style. Open the app on your iPhone or Android device, then make observations of your plants. Use the app to take photos, or upload existing photos and FARMWAVE scans for disease or pests.  Make notes or count kernels to estimate yield. Entries are automatically tagged with location and weather details. Once you have a collection of reports, these can be shared or organized within the app.

With the later addition of Communities, you will be able to share your findings with others who share your goals, or you can petition the group for help with an agricultural problem.

How do I download FARMWAVE?

Download the app for iOS (Apple) or Android (Google)


I forgot my password.

There is a password reset link at the login when you start the app. Further help can be found by clicking on the chat bubble in the lower right corner. 

What devices do you support?

The beta release is set for iPhone (iOS 9 or later) and Android (Kit Kat or later).

What crops can I use FARMWAVE with?

Currently we have disease libraries that work with corn. More crop varieties including wheat, soy, and cotton will be added soon.

What happens to my data?

All imagery is anonymized on the back-end for machine learning purposes and is not shared, sold, or revealed outside FARMWAVE.

Can I use FARMWAVE on my laptop?

FARMWAVE’s web-based app will be launching soon.

Will FARMWAVE work in my country?

We are working to release FARMWAVE in as many countries as we can. Languages will translate automatically based on your location at registration.

Upcoming Features

The beta version of FARMWAVE allows you to make reports, scan crops, do a kernel count. Some of these capabilities will become premium features in future releases. Community sharing and direct messaging will be activated next.

We also are preparing for GDD, mapping and predictive modelling, along with integration with drones, FMS systems, machinery and field sensors.

How much does FARMWAVE cost?

FARMWAVE is free to use while it is in Beta testing.